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Altima EXP Speed II boots

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  • Altima EXP Speed II boots

    I bought a pair of Altima EXP Speed II boots early in January.

    I wore them for the second time Saturday. Walked for 6 miles on a paved trail in an urban conservancy. While wearing SmartWool mountaineering socks. I noticed some discomfort but didn't think it was any big deal.

    When I got home I discovered half-dollar sized patches worn off the inside of both heels. Not on the bottom of the foot but on the side of the foot.

    I've been wearing boots for 35 years, have reasonably tough feet, and I'm normally one of those guys that can order boots over the internet and have them work out just fine for miles and miles.

    The socks I was wearing were almost new. This was only the third time I had worn the boots. There are no obvious rough seams or anything anyplace on the boot. The build quality seems to be pretty good.

    Anybody else ever have trouble with these boots or is this just one of those things?