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Recomendations for Waterproof boots?

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  • Recomendations for Waterproof boots?

    Guys I'm looking for a really good pair of hiking boots to have just in case TEOTWAWKI happens.I personally don't think it ever will,however it's better to have & not need than to need & not have & I have 2 AMEX gift cards left over from X-mas that I could use toward this purchase.Anyway I'm not looking for anything like combat boots,I prefer hiking boots,I really like Columbia boots for their comfort but don't really know how well their waterproofing is.What do you guys recommend?Thanks,Mick.
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    Re: Recomendations for Waterproof boots?

    Working construction jobs in my younger years sometimes kept me in water and mud ten hours a day, six and seven days a week. I only bought Wolverine or Chippewa boots back then, both were comfortable and held up pretty well and I can't recall ever having wet socks. Stay away from nylon uppers, nylon will split, plus a loose spark from an open fire will ruin them pretty quick. I'd also go with eight or nine inch tops, both for the extra ankle support and also deeper water wading such as we have here after a hard rain. If you can locate any, boots with Norwegian welt construction are said to be the BEST, our Goodyear type not quite so. Hope this helps?
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      Re: Recomendations for Waterproof boots?

      From my vast outdoor experience, employing a whole myriad of gear and apparel, I must warn you that nothing save rubber suits and boots is entirely waterproof. I've spent a lot of money or rain gear and so-called "waterproof" footwear, and none of it could deal with anything but a half hour out in the drizzle. Even with the addition of waterproofing sprays, the rain eventually seeps in.

      What you get with this stuff, though, is "quicker-to-dry".

      On the inside, wear socks like Smart Wool that will maintain your warmth and dry quickly.

      No two ways about it - if you're out in the rain, and aren't wearing rubber, you're going to get wet.
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