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i need a good parka ,please help

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  • i need a good parka ,please help

    what kind of all weather parka would you guys equip for everyday/shtf duties?
    does not need to under 0 degree rating

    i need
    100% waterproof
    solid hood
    zipper and flap closer
    i am thinking along the lines of a gortex nightime desert parka that is water proof.

    i want it to cover my ass and stop mid thigh.
    any help would be awesome.
    thanks to all.

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    Re: i need a good parka ,please help

    im happy with my carhardt. i might need to replace it actually. the cuffs are starting to come apart. but ive owned it for ten years i think and thats the only problem i have with it.


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      Re: i need a good parka ,please help

      I've got one of these and its been working well. It has a storm flap and large zipper, as well as underarm zippers for venting/heat management. It will also take a zip in fleece liner for extra warmth. My only complaint is, the hood is oversize and will cover a helmet, which is fine, but it needs a strap to adjust it back when your not wearing one. It tends to want to come forward. Other than that, I like it a lot. Keeps you dry and toasty.

      (I got mine from these people too. They are good to deal with)
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        Re: i need a good parka ,please help

        A parka for Florida ?? I live near Fairbanks, so it does not compute.
        Cabelas and all the large outdoor clothing stores are having sales on winter gear. If you really want a parka to keep out the cold and the wet, don't go too cheap. Gortex or the equivalent is needed. Good luck with your search.


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          Re: i need a good parka ,please help

          i grabbed a desert ecws parka off ebay for 45.00

          i will probably grab another as a back up.

          thanks for all the help.