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noob gearing up and now i have q's

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    Re: noob gearing up and now i have q's

    When it comes to camo, and the real need to be concealed, standard camo really doesn't cut it.

    It works for troops, especially in large movements.
    But the premise of that is more to make it hard for the enemy to know what they're looking at from a distance.
    It also serves the purpose of keeping an actual uniformed standard among the ranks.
    And to easily distinguish between troops of different origins.

    For instance, scout sniper teams use elaborate concealment systems because they require true concealment.
    Another case to consider is private security forces like Blackwater.
    Many of them don't wear camo at all.
    They wear solid colors like khaki, coyote, tan, black, OD.
    Many of them are working in urban environments as operators, not as uniform personnel.
    And since they're so well funded, they use gear that's comfortable and functional for their purposes.

    Another thing is that in urban AO's, varying shades of gray, often with a bit of tan or coyote mixed in to tint the shades of gray work exceptionally well.
    Seems like the biggest thing to consider is to not have areas of sharp contrast in your appearance.
    Such as dark black or bright tan/green zippers and buckles, straps etc..
    Subtle gradations between the shades of gray, with dirt from the floor of the area you're in seem to really work well to blend someone into the urban-desert environment.

    I'm not saying that camo wouldn't be any use in a wooded env.
    But the same effect could probably be achieved with the use of a solid color, and intelligent use of your actual environment.

    So you could technically be better served by carharts in the right color, an eagle industries or equivalent 3 day assault pack in the right color, give your weapon a light coat of krylon, a drop leg holster, some mag pouches on a low profile plate carrier and you're good to go.
    If you need to blend in with the people you just drop the gear somewhere safe, and you look like an average joe just looking for work or showing up in line for gov cheese.