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Tacticle waste of time and money?

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  • Tacticle waste of time and money?

    Back in my youth 60's I couldn't get enough of Mil-Surp munitions like flares, trip-wire alerts, tear gas and smoke. It was fun using and knowing how to protect areas where one might be at a disadvantage.

    At the time there was no NVG so trip flares were a must if you wanted to see an enemy. Hand Flares would come in handy for directing attention for rescue I thought or even lighting up an area if it were not for the toxic smoke. Rocket and Rifle Flares seemed to be a good idea of getting attention from far away.

    Tear gas seemed to be the only alternative for non lethal engagement CN then the later CS came about both are obsolete due to OC spray because of the fire risk and of course again TOXIC FUMES.

    Smoke grenades I thought would be good to signal intent or actions of other forces, my primary thought was for cover but that all became obsolete with FLIR as it sees through smoke without a problem that is unless you use the HC with additives that obscure an IR image but we know how hard that is to come by since it is restricted.

    Looking back on the prices I paid the cost wasn't that high but if I knew then what I know now none of it would be worth the weight or application against anything less than civilian mobs roaming the streets.

    Do others agree I wasted my money and time? If not then what products that are not restricted or controlled would you recommend for a tactical advantage in todays world.

    FWIW, Back in the day Tear gas grenades ran $20 and smoke $6 at the time. I just saw at a website that they have OC only now because CN got banned and CS is restricted so it isn't about safety, their cost is 60 for a spray fogger. Talking about smoke you can't get HC but to make people think they are getting a military type product they throw in the buzz word of CD for continuous discharge but nothing on the market that is available to civilians will obscure FLIR, They cost 75 - 90 for smoke cans depending upon the color (as if any of us will have known color codes for actions in the field WTSHTF)

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    Re: Tacticle waste of time and money?

    i think smoke grenades can have their uses for distractions possibly. the rest idk. flares would be pretty good for lighting up a ammo dump but it all depends on the mission. a true warrior will plan for possibilities and if something arises he hasnt planned on, will make do with what he has available.


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      Re: Tacticle waste of time and money?

      I wasn't thinking along the lines of "War" since most military forces act en-mass to put down an enemy, odds are if you are in the way you won't be long. At the time I thought more along the civil unrest which we had lots of, I never got the chance to chunk a CN frag ball over a bunch of hippies, but thought it would be fun to address their disrespect. I was more focused on survival not battle.

      Part of the reason I ask is there are collectors that would love to have some of the things that I no longer feel the need to keep due to the tactics and technology that have reduced their function. I doubt many of them would be looking to deploy the materials in field, more along the lines of I have it and you don't.

      An few examples: Russian APC smoke tubes, they are a little too large for one to pack in field; however they are kind of cool with the bakelite tops, Russian writing and low tech string igniters. (I doubt anybody even carries or could get their hands on things like those) Another item would be US Rifle Smoke Grenades, launched they fly 100 or more yard and only put out a 30 second smoke trail, not enough to screen anything but since they are sealed in tuna tubes the condition is 100% and I know nobody has things like that anymore. Given the cost increase of the older military munitions as noted above and fact that there are fewer around thanks to Government paranoia I would expect a large return on investment more so than any stock market.

      That said once I get the needed FRN then things that would be more prudent can be purchased. If however others think items like that would be useful and knowing little are around then it may make more sense to keep what I have. What would you do?


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        Re: Tacticle waste of time and money?

        if thats the case, ebay them and reallocate the funds to more useful gear


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          Re: Tacticle waste of time and money?

          I think you did fine, buying them at the prices you did and salting them away for a rainy day.

          I do indeed agree it would be a waste of resources, buying them now at today's elevated prices.

          That's how I look at the toys I've got- glad I got them, dunno if I'll need them or not, but I sure as heck wouldn't buy them now. And if I get in a monetary crunch, I can sell them for many times what I paid.


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            Re: Tacticle waste of time and money?

            I think most of the items you listed STILL have their uses. Area security using trip wires could be invaluable, also a few parachute flares could really ruin some folks day if they were trying to use darkness to their advantage. As for night vision, the affordable models I've owned had such a short shelf life to make them worthless past a year or two. The better stuff would probably be the cats meow but prices cause them to be beyond the means of most people.
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