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Calcium Carbide?

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  • Calcium Carbide?

    I've been thinking about buying one of those carbide lamps that target shooters use for blackening their iron sights. (I hate buying those aerosol cans of sight black - you get a tiny amount of product and a big can of butane!)

    When I was a kid, any hardware store had calcium carbide for sale. Is the stuff still easy to buy? Anybody know how much it costs? I saw a little bitty can for sale on the 'net, but the shipping cost - HazMat fees, I guess - about took my breath away.
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    Re: Calcium Carbide?

    Check out stores that cater to cavers. KY should have a bunch. Some people still use carbide lights as opposed to electric. Or if none are in your area wait for a caving festival, there are several I have attended in various parts of Kentucky. You will avaid haz matt charges.