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WTS AR-15 target rifle & Howa 204 Rugar

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  • WTS AR-15 target rifle & Howa 204 Rugar

    CMP limited production target AR15, XM15 e2s. These rifles were produced as club rifles for the CMP. Very nice 2 stage match trigger, competition sights, 11 degree crowned match barrel, ballast in stock and hand grip. Rifle weighs 13.5lbs. This rifle has been a safe queen for years at a local gun club. Appears to be new but not confirmed. CMP logos. Comes with one magazine. Includes shipping to your FFL. Consider offers. $900

    Two year old Howa 1500 heavy barrel Varminter in 204 Ruger. Action has been pillar/glass bedded. Stock refinished to a high luster. Trigger tuned and set at 1/2lb. Can sell with or without Bushnell E1 Fullfield 6.5-20x50 scope. This is a tried and proven benchrest Prairie Dog, sage rat killer. Load tested and shoots best at 3750MV. Deadly to 300 yards. Price includes scope and shipping to your FFL. Offers considered. $750
    email for pix natrainer at