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  • WTB

    Ishepore Enfield .308 mags. If i find any online they are retaredly expensive.

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    Re: WTB

    Looked for you at the last 3 gun shows.....asked several private gun dealers.....sorry none out here.
    I have one mag in my Ishepore won't separate it though.
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      Re: WTB

      I went looking for Ishy .308 mags way back in the late years of the last Millenium. They were what I considered to be "stupid expensive" then.

      In retrospect, I wish I'd paid the $20-$25 per that they were going for then, and bought 20 or more of them. But I didn't.

      I'm somewhat surprised someone hasn't come out with a "new" (repro) version. They can't be that hard, and I'd think it'd be lucrative at $30 or so per. I'd buy a couple for that.
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        Re: WTB

        Had some one ask around, they think they saw some 5 rounders at $30 each, no ten rounders available.
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