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    The buying and selling of items through the For Sale forum is strictly for the community of the Assaultweb membership. We have established a list of forum rules to be followed in order to post your items within this community...
    Note: These rules apply to "Sellers" only.

    1) A seller must have a history of at least 50 posts with the board outside of the For Sale forum. Anyone found posting within the For Sale forum with a post count of less than 50 shall find their items deleted immediately and without further notice.

    2) As a member of Assaultweb who wishes to sell within this community - should you be approached by one of the For Sale forum Moderators and/or board Administrators and asked for solid contact information, you agree by posting here to provide such information within 24 hours from the time of contact or you will find your items deleted immediately and without further notice. All contacts seeking information will come via the Assaultweb private messaging system (PM's) by a Moderator of this forum or by an Administrator of this board. No emails will be sent under any circumstances so please disregard any emails asking for your personal information. Since we understand that you may have a close relationship with one specific Moderator and/or Administrator of this site over another ... we will allow for you to provide your information to another staff member in place of the staff member who intitally asked you - provided this is done within the allotted time period and the staff member who contacted you originally is informed. Please note that Assaultweb prides itself on the privacy of our members. We pledge that the information requests will be made extremely sparingly ... as it is not our intent to intrude in your business. We only wish to avoid any further "hit and runs" on our community.

    3) We do not allow for the auctioning off of items in the For Sale forum... nor links to auctions and/or sales you may have open at other sites. This forum is for the buying and selling of items within the community of Assaultweb. The only exception to auctions of any kind are those approved by the Administration in order for proceeds to benefit this site and/or it's membership. This does not mean that you cannot post an item here for sale that you have listed on an acution site. This merely means that you must create an actual post for the item without the link to the auction site. Mention that the item is up for auction, and that you would be willing to end the auction early if a deal can be struck.

    4) When posting within this forum - we ask that you keep all items to one thread only. Multiple threads opened for various items by one member will result in all threads by that member being deleted. No exceptions. Back to the Top (BTT) is allowed.

    5) Once you have sold the item you've placed on the forum, please delete your thread yourself as a common courtesy extended toward your fellow members who still have items for sale. You will find the delete box in the top left hand corner of the edit function of your first post in your thread. If you have multiple items for sale, please edit off the items as you sell them.

    6) Transactions must be in accordance with Federal Laws as they apply.

    7) Buyers and Sellers assume all risks in any transaction. Our wish is for this forum to be a safe environment for our members to buy and sell amongst themselves; however, Assaultweb cannot ultimately be responsible for any transactions gone bad. CAVEAT EMPTOR applies here.

    As a community, we like to hear the feedback you may have on any deals made here. We're not applying it as a rule, but if you have time, please be sure to post within our Referral Forum should you have a comment about a buyer or seller in our online home.
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