Preppers/survivalists are a funny bunch. As argumentative as people get over politics it cannot even begin to compare to the arguments over the best guns/places to live/knives, or what super disaster or end-of-the-world scenario is going to doom us all that we as a group of people engage in. It is darn near as bad as religious arguments, having in common with them that only the knowledge that whomever is speaking has will save them/you. Put 5 people in a religious discussion and 6 of them are in error according to the general agreement of the overall thread.

Medical preparedness is like that in a variety of ways. Have a bona-fide doctor enter a discussion and talk about learning to suture properly and 11 people will announce that they donít need to learn because they are survivalists and make Rambo look like a weenie in his famous scene. Or they will use a skin stapler, or mini c-clamps, or a hot iron, orÖ. Get the picture? 6 more in the same thread will declaim the doc for just trying to make money by driving the poor lacerated fellow to the nearest clinic (which no longer exists for some 6 months now, post-apocalypse) lest he die of heinous diseases that could have been cured had he only whipped out his handy-dandy solar-powered Colloidal Silver Solution machine (which they just ever so innocently happen to recommend the super deluxe model sold by a buddy of theirs as being just the ticket).

Mention, for instance, getting the basic vaccinations that just may save your life and you have 5 people in the first 3 minutes loudly denouncing how they would NEVER poison themselves with all the mercury (the serum is so loaded with it that it shines all silver-like, don-cha-kno?). Besides, the only reason that stuff is offered is to make olí Doc Mitchell a wealthy man, first by charging for the shot, then by treating you after you fall deathly ill within hours, and then again because his stock in Big Pharma, Intl just went up another $83/share after the flu season.

Besides, they always have anecdotal stories of how they know this uncle, or cousin 5-times removed, or this kid who used to be in their junior high class who either developed the worst case of (name the disease) of their life 30 minutes after getting the vaccination, or just plain fell over dead with there in the line at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy after getting their shot.

Then there is the belief that if we just boost our immune systems with whatever is trendy this year we donít have to ever worry about being sick. We will be immune to Influenza, the Common Cold, Dengue Fever, Beri Beri, Ebola, Lyme Disease, Whithers, Glanders and Scours. And 1,781 other diseases that exist only to make money for somebody in a corporate office in New Hampshire.

What I am trying to illustrate is that we Ė survivalists/preppers have lost perspective. Believe it or not, and many of you wonít, not everything is an actual conspiracy. Big Brother really ISNíT checking out your prep activities with a spy satellite, nor even surveying your house with uber-see-through-concrete scans from a black helicopter.

Grandpa did not have the right answer when he used kerosene for controlling cough; despite what you think it DID harm him. Just not so drastically that it was immediately apparent. After a few doses of that a camera lowered into his gut would have shown the effects of caustic petroleum products on the lining. Grandpa also used arsenic, strychnine, mercury and coal tar as internal remedies. But Iím pretty sure he lived to be 106 and died from being hit by a streetcar, right?

People tout that 256 piece first aid kit they got on sale at Bilko-Mart as all they need. They are going to rely on the advice of people with no medical training who write the ďultimateĒ prepper medical manual. And if you use Amazonís ebook service youíll know what I mean there, right? Everything you need to know about survival medicine in only 36 badly written pages, index included.

They want to know what is the one antibiotic to stock that will address 99% of all the infectious ailments theyíll encounter in a post-SHTF world (hint: there isnít one, or even five).
They are going to grow their own opium poppies and produce their own morphine, yet they have never done it and wouldnít know if they have all the needed equipment with which to properly process it or not.

They have a family member who is a nurse who will handle all the medical needs that will ever arise over the course of the next 15 years for the extended family group that is currently 23 people ranging in age from 9 months to 73. After all, they work in a doctorís office so they know a lot. Did we mention the doc is a gastroenterologist and spends his day shoving 12 foot flexible tubes up peoplesí butts and otherwise discussing their poop? Personally I donít want that nurse trying to set a simple fracture if it is me. Nor even their former employer. Just your luck they skipped the ortho rotation in med school.

Again, it is a matter of perspective. Until we as a movement admit to ourselves that we are not automatically endowed with superior intellect that allows us to see beyond the pale we are just as doomed as Joe Sixpack and Mary Soccermom when it comes to dying from what we THOUGHT we knew how to handle as they are from just simply being in the wrong place at the right time.