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  • GERMS everywhere

    So thinking around the idea of a general store or barter COMEX, I started looking at hygiene. Very important because cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    Just looking south of the border you can see now nasty and dangerous that area is. (This also proves barter is a good solution when money has no value and basic supplies are in short supply)
    A simple cut can kill you and soap is one of the things I see as important to maintain a civilized lifestyle.

    I remember when Ivory soap was 5 cents per bar and a 3 pack was 10 cents it was 100% pure clean. In the 50's special soaps were created to keep germs away, turns out the only soap on the market today that has actual anti-bacterial properties is DIAL.

    Ivory is $5 per 8 pack now and DIAL antibacterial soap is $4 per 8 pack.

    I'm thinking about getting the case size at Sam's 22 pack for $8, this way I can see a 14 cent return on investment. Knowing the value of germ fighting soap will be priceless over the less effective standard soaps it may be a 100% return on investment with exchanges in goods or services. (Fix the fence - run security duty - dig a well - clean the latrine)

    When trying to locate the best prices I found out something more most of the effective germ killers are now banned. Dial being the last true antibacterial soap uses benzalkonium chloride .10%. Obama's EPA banned the 40 year proven effective triclocarban because get this (IT KILLED GERMS) almost as if they wanted to get people sick? It is true the increase of skin diseases has increased 30% in the year since the ban took place. Last year alone the cases of flesh eating bacterial infections have increased 10 times what was reported the year before(2017 - 2018). The old guard government holdovers has linked this to "GLOBALL WARMING" and not their idiotic ban!

    The old school germ killers we used In the 1950s Phisoderm and Phisohex were manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories they were awesome. Surgical theaters have long since banned their use even though they were incredibly effective and inexpensive tools that killed germs see Hexachlorphene. Anything over .01% was deemed too effective at killing germs in the 70's and forcibly removed from the market and manufacturing.

    For my personal use I still have the old school 7% safeguard and 3% Dial containing triclocarban. You can still get the 50's soaps from military surplus but they want $25 for six bars.

    In a surgical care environment I am keeping the good quality hexachlorphene and body scrubs using betadine There is a new product on the market but I won't be bartering it due to cost -
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    I am not a biologist but I can't take much of anything the NY Post takes as being overly respectable. Web MB says fewer infections but more deaths. Wonder where the truth really is.


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      Originally posted by Dale Swanson View Post
      I am not a biologist but I can't take much of anything the NY Post takes as being overly respectable. Web MB says fewer infections but more deaths. Wonder where the truth really is.
      Dale the facts are the EPA banned the good soaps because of "Studies" and nobody including the EPA can cite the sources. Dr's believe and the scientific community parrots unfounded studies that claim germ killing soaps are bad. These are the same individuals pushing agenda's for climate change when there isn't evidence to support their belief system. (Falsified data and skewed perspectives).

      While I put little stock in kids opinions (David Hogg etc.) here is a simple science experiment some kids did at a technical institute a couple years ago and it seems little has been done to validate the current banning of protective soaps. Their findings followed the scientific method and fly in the face of government theories and what the medical community has been spewing for the last 2 years.

      I know they used petri-dishes and not actual people as their culture material but we are civilized.

      I'm guessing the Government used the same studies as Bill Nye's global warming scam as his soap scum/scam.

      UM they are classifying "Anti-Bacterial soap" into the same class of "Anti-Biotic Soap" Problem is there isn't an ANTIBIOTIC SOAP! Anti-microbial soaps "KILL" germs they don't make them resistant, because the chemicals destroys the cell walls of the germ. Now if they believe (No proof) that killing all bacteria on a persons hands is a bad idea then how come we have seen the massive increase of infections here in the USA?
      Call me John, just an old man with opinions.


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        Even with the soaps lifestyle plays a major role. Hospitals kick people out before the infections are killed, basically hoping they'll take their antibiotics at home. Some do some don't.


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          Harlock, You have a good idea with the soap, but should take it to the next step. Instead of purchasing soap, learn to make your own the old fashioned way. This way you will have a valuable skill for when the SHTF and can also benefit from making special soaps now. Just my .02 worth.
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