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RR! What do you think of this?

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  • RR! What do you think of this?

    Does this really work like he says and your thoughts?

    Pain is hard to deal with at the best of times.  The times we prepare for are not the best of times.  The most common pain remedies are drugs, and the most potent of these drugs (the opio…
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    He does a pretty good job of describing it, including the limitations, which are many.

    - It doesn't work with everyone

    - It doesn't work on all types of pain. Might address the chronic back pain issue but won't do a thing for cancer pain, for instance, or that broken leg thing

    - One can become 'used' to it, i.e. decreased effect

    - It doesn't supplement opioids but rather will compete with them for receptors, so works as a potential replacement rather than an "in addition to"

    If I had the funds to spare I'd gamble on one and see how it works for me and mine, and maybe add it to the clinic stash for potential future use. I'd also stockpile more conventional pain meds as well (assuming I can - opioids aren't likely to be available save for a few pills saved here and there and not otherwise needed at the time), regardless of the shelf life issue, though his warning on those are far too ominous.
    and there’s a concern about what byproducts they might decay into.
    Umm, yeah, there *might* be some concern but I've never run across any hard and fast clinical data regarding opioids in particular, and analgesics in general.

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