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  • Snag This Guide

    A 2-page .pdf file on antibiotic indications and dosing. A bit more complete than other works that can be found.

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    Re: Snag This Guide

    Thank you very much, this will be printed and a copy stored.


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      Re: Snag This Guide

      Snagged, printed, and stashed, both in hard copy and in electronic format.

      Good stuff to know, for those of us who wouldn't be sure most days.

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        Re: Snag This Guide

        Good to know stuff, also for MRSA my doctor pairs up Bactrim DS (Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) with Rifampin.
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          Re: Snag This Guide

          Thanks RR


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            Re: Snag This Guide

            A word about Ketoconazole - I would much prefer Fluoconazole but it is hard to keep on hand.

            Every time I buy it offshore it is like 6 months from expiration. Probably old stock being cleared out.

            Fungal infections can be deadly so it is a judgement call between possible liver damage or death. The only way to test for liver function is probably beyond your capability.

            When I have used it on my dogs it did the job - which I consider evidence they have good liver function. If you can find a good source of FCZ by all means.

            A note about Metronidazole (Flagyl) - have a supply of viable probiotic on hand.