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Scabies, fleas, lice, roaches, ants

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  • Anthony
    Re: Scabies, fleas, lice, roaches, ants

    Another old thread but a subject I have knowledge of.

    One of my dogs had hair loss and vet after vet said "flea allergy" and recommended flea treatment. Finally a vet said "that is scabies" and gave me a Preventic collar - knocked the pest out pronto. Only that type works.

    Gawd help the home that gets scabies. The only reliable treatment is 5% Permethrin cream which is Rx only and very expensive. I did a research tour of websites for scabies sufferers (man do they suffer) and pharma for treatment - the average cost to treat a family of four is (choke) 1700 BUCKS.

    Something else I learned is that humans can indeed contract animal scabies - it is a common myth that people can't get canine scabies. They don't reproduce on humans but will live in skin for a couple months.

    I got rid of the dog's bedding, locked up the vehicle it rode in for five days, and bagged up any clothing I'd worn, for a week. The pest can only survive a few days away from a host.

    BTW I joked with the vet that I could shower in permethrin if needed, and was informed that could be fatal.

    For lice (ein louse, Todt!) shave all body hair and boil clothing and bedding.
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  • ISC
    started a topic Scabies, fleas, lice, roaches, ants

    Scabies, fleas, lice, roaches, ants

    horrible creatures, i know. I was reading a diary of a WWI soldier and he was describing how he contracted a really bad case of scabies and was hospitalized because of it. I did some research and realized what a easily contracted pest Scabies are and got to thinking about lice and other vermin and how one might try to control them.

    Obviously, if you had access to modern paesticides, you'd use them, but if the pesticides were depleted, unavailable, or the pests had developed an immunity to them what would your options be?

    What would be a cheap, safe, easily stockpiled pesticide that would be easy to use and effective against a broad spectrum of infectous pests?