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My Green family.

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  • My Green family.

    I have been wanting to do this for awhile. I have most of my green radios on a shelf now. Not bad for only doing this for seven years.
    From the top left. 2x SEM52s, PRC-68, PRC-126, PRR-9, PRT4, CZECH RF10, 2X LS-166 Speakers.
    Next down. 2X Swiss field phones, PRC-351, Harris RF-3090, CPRC-26, French TRC-340.
    Next. PRC-25, Chinese DR-10?, PRC-174
    Next. PRC-350, 2X SEM-35
    Next PRC-320, PRC-320L
    Floor level. PRC-351, CPRC-510, PRC-9, PRC-10, GRC-9 with a DY-105 power supply, and lastly a PRC-74B

    I have others but I ran out of room. I guess I will have to find a better shelf.
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