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Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

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  • Herr Walther
    Re: Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

    That would be an organization that I would not consider joining in light of this news.

    His stance is against everything we hold dear concerning the 2nd Amendment and he does not deserve anyone's support. I can imagine there are many members that don't care one way or another, but they should since most of them are exercising rights guaranteed under the 1st Amendment.

    The next time the FCC proposes new restrictions, unwanted frequency band changes or allocations, or selling of frequncy blocks for commercial services, I will sit back and smile.

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  • cornbread
    started a topic Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

    Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

    Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

    By W4DDM
    Published on 03-08-2015

    There is a followup to this article located at

    Apparent Anti-Gun Stance by ARES and the ARRL

    The letter contained in this articled was presented to me from an unknown source other than it was found on the internet.

    As a Licensed Concealed Weapon holder I find this frankly discusting. As with several companies and and non-profits ifiltrated by liberals and lawyers they throw aside ones Constitutional Rights for the betterment of all. The communal betterment overrides the the Constitution of the State of ones residence and the United States Constitution. In the letter below this "lawyer" throws aside our Constitution and its Rights as if HE can!

    If the State in which the person resides has performed all required background checks on the individual, and the individual is not within a building that restricts posession of a concealed weapon then there is no no law being broken. The ARRL and the subset volunteer organization ARES has taken it unpon themselves to to play policeman and require its members to submit their ignorant laws.

    I can assure you that I will be discontinueing my membership in the ARRL and any Club that is affiliated with them. My Second Amendment Rights are much more important to me that a bunch of self appointed idiots that think they know best for my Rights.

    The name of the person being discussed has been removed for privacy.

    [beginning of letter/email]

    From Chris Imlay, ARRL General Counsel:

    Greetings, {name removed}. Let me be very, very clear about this. We are not going to talk about choice here, or "rights" or anything else on this issue. There is no place within ARES for weapons of any type. No one in connection with ARES is to carry a weapon on their person at any time they are participating in any ARES activity whatsoever. We are not going to discuss this or negotiate this with anyone at any time. If this is a problem for anyone, then as {name removed} says they are welcome to withdraw from the ARES program. We do not want anyone participating in ARES while possessing a weapon outside their home or vehicle and if we hear about it the person will be thanked for their services and terminated. This is an ARRL program and weapons are no part of it whatsoever. We can't have any liability on this issue. Please tell your field appointees this.

    73, Chris W3KD

    This policy has the support of all the top management within ARRL, Central Division leaders, Wisconsin Section Manager, and Wisconsin ARES senior leadership. In addition, there has been consultation with Wisconsin Emergency Management.

    Wisconsin ARES will adhere to this ARRL policy and we will discuss, at the April 28 Leadership conference, the impact it has on Wisconsin ARES and the adjustments that need to be made within Wisconsin ARES to continue as one of the best ARES organizations in the country.

    I look forward to your responses....

    [end of letter/email]

    Please contact the NRA to let them know to add the ARRL to their list of Anti-Gun Organizations.

    Dean Miller, W4DDM