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  • Uniden BC125AT

    This is quite a lot of receiver for around $125.00.

    It's not a wide-band receiver, but does get the basics if you live out in the sticks like I do. Lo & Hi VHF/UHF including Military air band, but stops at 512.00Mhz. Nothing here in my neck of the woods is above 512.00 so I didn't need the 800 or 900 mhz band, and forget about anything being trunked out this far. This area will never see trunking, let alone digital transmission.

    It also has WX Alert and WX scanning but not the SAME capability. When the WX alert 1050Mhz tone sounds, it might or might not be for your immediate area, but at least it lets you know something is happening. It also monitors for this tone regardless of what else the radio is listening to or doing at the time.

    It includes all of the popular search bands like police/fire/EMS, civilian air, military air, railroads, marine, business band, etc.

    It also includes a function I've never seen before and that is called 'Close Capture'. Instead of the radio doing a band search from the bottom of the band to the top (or vice-versa) and hoping to find a transmission in progress as the search passes that frequency, Close Capture listens seemingly to the whole band at once and will alert you to a frequency it captures as it is being transmitted. I've already found dozens of frequencies that would have taken weeks to find through a conventional band search.

    500 channels in 10 banks for 50 channels per bank. Nice big display with 16 digit alpha-tagging which is hard to come by if not impossible in a scanner in this price range. Four different back-light modes to help conserve you batteries, rotary controls for channel and menu selections, and doesn't take a degree in computer engineering to operate or program.

    Free software is available to program it right on your computer with multiple options for various parameters for each channel. A payware version is also available which I bought since it's much better than even the free stuff. It comes with two AA NiMH 2300 mAH batteries, USB cable, strap, well written manual, and a belt clip. It has a switch in the battery area for alkaline or rechargables to keep you from plugging the radio into your computer with alkaline batteries. The receiver recharges from your computer and can be powered by it alone too.

    This is a lot of radio in a compact inexpensive package. If you don't need or want a lot of bells and whistles, and wide frequency coverage isn't neccesary, then this receiver is a great option.

    I'm still buying the ICOM R20 soon, but that will be for more intense and involved receiving and listening. For casual listening, you can't beat the Bearcat 125AT.

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