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    I'm looking into Midland's GXT-400 series of radios ( Two questions I have. First of all, this model has a 4 watt output. I thought the max for GMRS handhelds was 2? And secondly, is the antenna detachable? And if so, what would you reccomend as a replacement antenna to increase range? Thanks in advance.

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    GMRS Radios have power limits.. but I think it's up around 50, not 2 or 4. The handheld power ratings are more a design issue than a regulatory one.

    Regarding the antenna, the picture does not indicate a removeable antenna, the feature list does not say it, and the accessory list does not include another antenna.

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      Thanks for the info. I'll keep looking.


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        FWIW, I'll never buy a Midland again. I bought 2 GMRS G-11s awhile back. I had a problem with the one. It went into low power and something caused it to squeal the speaker everytime you keyed up the mic on another radio. So I sent it to the factory, $40 later they fixed it. 1 year later the other radio goes into the same problem. No way - I'm not paying anymore money to fix junk designs. I've had it with Midland.


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          Thanx for the info!
          I was going to pick up two Midlands on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods this coming Friday.
          I guess I'll get the Motorolas instead.