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Antenna advice needed

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  • Antenna advice needed

    I'm looking for a directional beam antenna for 10m and rotor assembly. 50 ohm, of course.

    Anyone have experience with these?


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    Sorry - can't help you on this one.

    Anyone else tried this setup?
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      I found this on the universal radio site. I'm not active on ten but DO have good words about Cushcraft products.
      Hope this helps.. 73 de JW...


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        I'll echo on Cushcraft's quality, but if you can't fit that intoyour budget,this one is a tad bit cheaper.

        I built my 10Mtr beam from tubing purchased at Lowe's. All hardware was stainless (Ace Hardware). Gamma match was a piece of #6 Solid copper wire, vinyl tubing for the insulator, and a piece of 1/2" O.D. aluminum tubing. Entire assembly was light enough that turning it with a TV rotor was no problem.