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PSK = good long range comm

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  • PSK = good long range comm

    This'll be brief. Most of you who have already used PSK31 already know that it works great qrp. Anyway, I thought I'd add another anecdote... From here in Iraq, I seldom even hear U.S. stations, much less am able to work them on sideband. However, it is doable even with only 50 watts to work the states using a simple dipole antenna. Cant even hear the U.S. station, but you can still work them.

    This is a good thing for all of you who purchased FT-817's, as you can still have usefull long range comms when the sunspots aren't behaving like they were last year.


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    Darnit... keep talking like this and I'm going to have to go back and learn the code for the next test. I'll have to re-take the written too, but I know I can pull that outtamy butt in a few weeks.. the code, well... :-(
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