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Cold Steel Chaos, Tanto and Stiletto

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  • Cold Steel Chaos, Tanto and Stiletto

    One of each came my way last week. Points on and part of an order on Midway.
    Tanto: I LIKE this one. As stated previously; I would prefer NOT TO HAVE the divider inside the D Guard;but it works just fine. GOOD blade. Suprisingly quick in my hand both outboard/reverse grip and in a fencer's grip. Good and sharp Factory edge, decent steel. Not thrilled with the aluminum construction of the handle,but the full length Tang is steel as is the glassbreaker/headbreaker they so thoughtfully provided. D Guard makes for decent knucks as well.
    Synthetic (fibrous plastic/kydex)scabbard with nylon belt hanger . You could use the lashing slots on the scabbard istelf or chance the belt loop. Definitely use a pair of keeper straps if you do.
    Stiletto--really a four sided spike dagger on the same type handle.Interesting. I think that they made it from round bar stock,myself. You can see this in the way that the point tapers to the tip.
    Not really a cutting implement,but I suspect that you COULD cut with it.
    As a stabbing implement it will definitely do for getting through heavy clothing, leather jacket,gear.. I would have gone with a three sided cruciform spike myself so as to have three more pronounced edges.. not as quick in my hand--especially in grip transitions.
    Still be a helluva good deliberate stabbing tool. Melee type use, think it as a baton you can strike (and cut by splitting flesh) punch,hammer and thrust with.
    My descriptive? A heavier Mosin Nagant or Lebel/Berthier spike bayonet you can use alternately.
    I like it,but the Tanto will definitely get more use.
    Lawcop -- may check out the dagger (double edged) version you mentioned previously.
    Gregory Peter DuPont