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  • Böker Turbine Solingen

    I've had my sights set on this knife for several years now, just after it was introduced. I bought an Extrema Ratio instead, and now wish I'd bought this first. This isn't my first Böker, but it is my nicest.

    The blade is made of X-15 T.N. stainless steel and the handles are made from AlMgSi1 alloy. At the time when it was introduced, Böker used this as an advertising ploy as this same alloy was used for manufacturing certain engine parts for the STS shuttle, hence the name 'Turbine'.

    This is a very smooth operating knife and for a manually operated folder it is extremely fast opening with that little thumb tab on the blade that protrudes out of the top back of the knife when closed. You can use the thumb stud too if you'd rather.

    The rosewood insert came about from a colaboration of Karl Nill the maker of high-end wooden handgun grips for many European handguns including Walther, SIG-Sauer, and CZ among others.

    The pocket clip is reversable for tip-up or tip-down carry. I like tip-up, so I had to swap ends. Incidentally, it is illegal in Germany to have a thumbstud or other fast opening device on a carry knife, so knives for domestic sale are equipped only with a nail slot near the top edge of the blade. This is called the Turbine 42. The number 42 refers to that section of German law that spells out what is legal and what is not for carry knives in Germany.

    A very nice Solingen manufactured knife. It certainly won't be my last Böker.

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