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    I have a nice Benchmade knife. Some of the Benchmade knives out there fetch a pretty penny. I looked on E-Bay, but I couldn't find anything like the one I have.

    It is an ATS-34. It is an Emerson Design. Tanto blade with a partially serated edge. Has a butterfly on the blade with Bali-Song inside the butterfly. The only other thing about this blade is that it is for left handed folk.

    Any idea of the worth of this blade? Not that I am currently interested in getting rid of it. I had heard that the left handed blades were hard to come by and that they usually fetch a nicer price than than some right handed blades of the similar type. Don't know if that is true in the collector world but somebody did offer me a really nice price a while back.

    Thanx for any info.

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    Re: Any Benchmade Collectors

    If this is a folding knife, then it probably a cqc-7...

    Emerson designed the knife and benchmade and others produced it.

    It is about $200 but condition and the exact model make a difference.


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      Re: Any Benchmade Collectors

      appreciate the info and link. That's the blade outside a few small details. Yes, it is a folding knife.

      I picked it up at a gun show back in 2000 for $80. Bought it because it was left handed which may or may not raise the value. Being a Southpaw myself, it hand my name all over it.

      Keeping it because I heard from a few people that Benchmade is a real good blade. Not a real blade man myself, but I used to do Gerber.


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        Re: Any Benchmade Collectors

        ATS-34 is good steel for a blade that will stay sharp for a while. $80? You stole that.