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Lansky isn't what it used to be...

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  • Lansky isn't what it used to be...

    Many years ago I inherited my dad's Lansky sharpening set. Black box, four stones, nice machined aluminum holder. He'd had it at least since the early '80's and I got it in '97 when he died. I've been using it since.

    For Christmas I received a new Lansky kit. Practically the same except this one has five stones.

    It also has a different bottle for the oil that allows oil to dribble down the side of the bottle if you aren't very careful. Even when you get the short tip on the stone it's already too late.

    Another thing I found that I'm not happy with at all is the investment cast aluminum holder that is now included on these sets. The hole angles are now cast into the bottom of the holder instead of stamped on the top side where you can see them. Eh, I know what hole to use so that's not a big deal.

    I found after reading the instructions (yes, I still do that occasionally to see if I'm missing something worth knowing) was that I could use the small ledge inside the holder jaws to hold smaller blades like pen knives and E-xacto blades.

    If this new investment cast piece of crap actually had that small inside ledge. It's not there anymore. Apparently, someone hasn't inspected these molds in quite some time. The technical writer for the instructions obviously has never used, let alone even seen the product he's writing about.

    I took the old machined holder out of the old kit and put it in the new kit box. I also drained the new bottle of honing oil into the old bottle and threw away the new bottle. People ask me why I buy from countries overseas like Germany, Austria, and the UK. This is why. The US can't get anything right anymore. No pride in workmanship, no attention to detail, and cheapening of parts.

    At least I got new stones, rods, and a new box. ::
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