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Stringing an old wooden 50# recurve.

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  • Stringing an old wooden 50# recurve.

    Hi guys. I have an old 50# Bear brand wooden recurve, given by an Uncle. Dad and I grabbed it and strained mightily, but could not string it. We got it bent half as much as we needed to to get the bowstring on, but no dice. The string length is printed in black ink on the blonde wood, under "varnish," so that's correct. I know it must be possible to string it, but in the few decades we've had it, it's never been done.

    Frustrated and feeling like one of Penelope's suitors.


    "The guy was all over the road. I had to swerve a number of times before I hit him."

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    try to find a bow shop and get a stringer.. it's a piece of cord with a leather small pouch
    at each end that slips over each end of the bow limb.. you center the cord and step on the cord and pull up on the bow and slip the bowstring on very very easy...theres another way but you'll most likely twist a bow limb or screw up your back..if you have a fax number I can find a picture tommorow and fax to you


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      Sorry no FAX, but thanks. I'll just bite the bullet and get a bow-stringer from a bow-shop.

      Thanks. I guess I knew that was the answer, but just needed to hear it said out loud.