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  • Microsoft Stepped On Their........ with golf shoes. They released a Windows 7 security update on April 10 that snuck through QC. The most common symptom, if it's adversely affecting your system, is that it forces a "check disk" on every boot-up.

    According to my company's IT guru, here's how you get rid of it:

    "1. Open windows control panel.
    2. Click “Programs”.
    3. Click “Programs and Features”.
    4. On the left, click the link “View Installed updates”.
    5. Scroll the window down to the section for “Microsoft Windows”.
    6. Look for “Security Update for Windows 7… (KB2823324)”. It was released on 4/10/2013, so it should be near the top of that section.
    7. Right-click that update and choose uninstall.

    You’ll have to reboot after that. Your PC may do one last ChkDsk upon boot, but problem should be solved after."
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    Re: Microsoft Stepped On Their........

    I've had tons of trouble with updates recently. Been so bad that I have all my work files backed up to 2 flash drives.


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      Re: Microsoft Stepped On Their........

      I just did the suggested actions. I had not noticed any problems, but I don't reboot very often.

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        Re: Microsoft Stepped On Their........

        It happens from time to time. I recall a couple of times that antivirus companies put out signature updates that identified important operating system files as malware and put them into quarantine. The results weren't good.

        At work we have a "food taster" system to try updates on first to see what breaks.


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          Re: Microsoft Stepped On Their........

          I noticed this chkdisc problem when installing other software. The OS wanted to perform this and I had not scheduled it. I thought, "cool" now I don't have to schedule this every time I want to check the disc for errors.
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