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My Nephew Screwed Up the Computer

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  • My Nephew Screwed Up the Computer

    Not even sure what he did. I'm told he was playing around with the keyboard. Now the screen is flipped on it's side, as if I turned the entire monitor to the right and set it on its side.

    The mouse is acting screwy as well. Trying to guide around the arrow pointer on the screen is like trying to thread a needle behind your back while looking in a mirror.

    Any ideas?

    Why would there even be an option available to turn the entire screen on its side? Makes no sense.

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    Re: My Nephew Screwed Up the Computer

    Because some monitors can be rotated on their stands to display documents in portrait mode.

    Right click on your desktop background to open the video/display options menu.

    I use a 12" monitor in portrait orientation to display the 727 engine guages stack in my 727 simulator.
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      Re: My Nephew Screwed Up the Computer

      The first thing you need to do is have a talk with your nephew's parent and threaten to disown the little brat for messing with your stuff.

      Then go through your control panel and change the settings on your monitor and mouse. If the nephew is old enough to fix it make him. If not, but a boot in his a55 and tell him he's noy allowed to come over anymore.