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Tablet computer recommendations?

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  • Tablet computer recommendations?

    I'm fixing to get my wife one for Christmas. She is getting so she spends a lot of time online, and she gets angry at me because I'm on the 'puter and she can't use it. So I'm going to fix her up so she can stay in her recliner or out at her knitting table and get online from there.

    I've already got the LAN set up, so that's not an issue.

    I'm thinking an iPad, but they are a bit on the expensive side, and I promise you that she'll use it for little else but pursuing patterns and suchlike on the net. It will never be a telephone or anything, so an iPad may be overkill. Or not. They are good.

    Anything else out there that does the job well without paying for the Apple name?

    (It wouldn't hurt if it had a webcam app so I can hook her up to talk to the grandkids online, though.)

    I ain't followed this stuff, because I don't need or want it. Suggestions solicited.
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    Re: Tablet computer recommendations?

    My current favorite is the Nexus 7.

    But for web browsing it may be smaller than ideal for her. It's a 7 inch instead of a 9. Those 2 inches make a big difference when looking at a web page. The smaller size is actually something that I like about it. I can hold it in one hand while I am reading an eBook, or checking out AW while I am watching a show with my wife. Apple must agree since they just introduced the iPad mini.

    Amazon has the Kindle Fire in both sizes.

    I don't have one of they but they look good for the price.

    Another thing that I like about the Nexus 7 is that Google plays much nicer with others. For example, you can upload your entire iTunes library to the Google Music cloud and then play it on any Android device. Apple tries to keep you locked onto their world as much as possible.

    iPads are nice and my 5 year old son loves mine and has no trouble operating it. They are also the easiest to backup and restore. I am probably not normal since I am a geek and I like complex devices with granular control of the settings instead of a more simplistic device. If your wife is not at all techie, it may be the best choice. With the competition finally catching up to the iPad, I think it is too overpriced. But it is a great product.


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      Re: Tablet computer recommendations?

      Toshiba Thrive has all the bells, whistles & ports


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        Re: Tablet computer recommendations?

        nexus 10