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  • Bookmarks Deleted?

    I was away from home for most of a week, and came home to find that the majority - but not all - of my bookmarks have apparently been deleted. I still use Netscape, latest and last version, and haven't had any significant problems in the past save that the list has tried to reorganize itself on occasion.

    I do have some of my bookmark folders and the individual bookmarks within them, but then again not all of the folders remain.

    I've tried setting back to an earlier time to no avail. The files just seem to have semi-deleted. We are talking many hundreds of bookmarks, and perhaps a dozen individual folders. Search function does not turn anything up.

    And no, there was no one here at home who could have turned the computer on and deleted them purposely.

    Any suggestions from the gurus?

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    Re: Bookmarks Deleted?

    is Netscape still Mozilla's SeaMonkey browser with a different front end?? if so try using windows search tool to search for all files called bookmarks.html see if there is a file stuck somewhere with all your bookmarks. be sure to check the search in hidden files and folders box. i just looked the file you are looking for is Bookmark.htm in Netscape check to see if there is multipal versions of that file and things got confused as to what one was what i have had that happen before in other browsers especially just after a upgrade to a new version or something.
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