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Punish the LAFO for gun-crime - 'cause we know where they all live!

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  • Punish the LAFO for gun-crime - 'cause we know where they all live!

    "Gun laws not working, new study shows."

    Political fights over punishment for gun smugglers continue!

    The trafficking of illegal firearms is still being used as a political football, with the Attorney-General George Brandis telling Parliament last week that the Coalition will again push for minimum mandatory sentencing provisions when the draft law returns to the Senate for debate.

    The Australian Labor Party and the Nick Xenophon Team have increased the potential maximum sentence for basic gun smuggling offences from 20 years to 30 years in the Bill, but have removed the minimum mandatory sentencing clauses.

    This comes as Justice Minister Michael Keenan used the ABC’s Four Corners episode ‘Gun Runners’, which exposed our border issues when 130-plus Glock pistols were illegally imported via a Sydney post office in parts, to renew a push for minimum mandatory sentences.

    The ringleader in this case, Khoder El Ali (BB -What a name surprise!) was recently sentenced to at least 13 years, while two others have already been released from gaol after serving less than two years and four years.

    Only 24 of these Glocks have ever been recovered by police.
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