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'Hunters amd Collectors'- no more?

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  • 'Hunters amd Collectors'- no more?

    Acclaimed Aussie band target of PETA publicity stunt
    09 March 2017
    In 'Know Your Opponent' (from Sporting Shooters Assn of Australia 'Alerts').

    The extreme animal rights group, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has taken aim at a popular Australian rock-band in its latest cringe-worthy publicity stunt.
    PETA decided to take offence at the Hunters & Collectors’ band name, writing to the famous group to request it change its name as part of an “animal-friendly name-lift”.
    The SSAA would like to remind PETA that hunting and gathering is one of Australia’s oldest pastimes, not only for our First Australians, but also for many hunters today who want to source free-range food for the table, among other reasons.
    We are pleased to hear that the band is not caving-in to this extreme animal rights group's way-out demands.

    *PETA is getting more strident, vegan and extreme as time goes on.....which is good! Who will listen to them after another debacle......?
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    Ron Owen.