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  • Feral Animal Talk-Fest anyone?

    AVPC early-bird rego extended!

    Welcome to the February 2 issue of Pest Smart Feral Flyer, the fortnightly newsletter of the Invasive Animals CRC (Australia).

    The 17th Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference.

    We are pleased to announce that Early Bird registrations have been extended until February 24th.

    The Australasian Vertebrate Pest Conference is one of the premiere conferences for those who work in the pest animal sector.

    The conference is being held in Canberra 1 May - 4 May 2017 and will discuss the latest approaches and case studies to best practice pest animal management within Australia, New Zealand and surrounds.

    You will hear from both local and international experts, scientists and on-ground managers in the field with topics ranging from preventing new incursions, to new and innovative control measures through to enhancing community led action
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    Ron Owen.