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Hello BB have you heard of this? Any info would be most kind

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  • Hello BB have you heard of this? Any info would be most kind

    I am not sure as I have more checking to do..But it seems, from what I know now and Again I have more to learn, that the PM of Austria had been promised by Mr. Obama a rather large payment for taking in Islamics "refugees" and thinking Clintion would win and send the loot, he did so. Mr. Trump told him "No" We are not paying. That is why the call did not go well.
    Any news from down under would be welcome

    Keep those e-mails and calls to your Congress people coming.

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    Re: Hello BB have you heard of this? Any info would be most kind

    Hi kARL -

    We do not know what our rich and secret PM Turnbull thinks or what he does in his "deals". A smooth operator alright !
    As we are told Aus - we would be taking equal numbers of your Hispanics in a direct swap, person for person, no $ involved - [as told by our biased media].......sorry - that's all I know so far, old mate.

    Ex-merchant bank millionaire PM Turnbull is a "closed book" to everyone - [hey - at least your Prez Trump is plain-speaking but broadly least to us !]

    The people in this 1,250 "migrant" DEAL are deemed "Reffos" (= refugees)- but held and based in PNG at the moment in residential camps with good facilities, pay and day-passes, after failing to get to Aus by boat. The cost of keeping them there is very high for the Aus taxpayer.

    They are basically cashed-up 'economic illegals' + some asylum seekers under the corrupted/out-dated 1948/post-WW2 organised post-war pro-refugee Jewish-promoted UN Convention that we unfortunately signed then.
    Apparently it costs these "poor boat-people" $6KUSD minimum for their trip over here via Indonesian people-smugglers, many have died in the attempt as the boats used are one-use, clapped-out Indo fishing-boats with their badly-paid 2 person crews.

    Things have changed dramatically since 1948 and now most "refugees" are economic migrants from Arab/Muslim countries; Indonesia freely allows a visa to any Moslem (SE Asia did NOT sign this Convention) immediately on arrival there. Then they can travel to the coast and take a ship to Aus after passing through 3-4 countries in transit, but they didn't want to register there as asylum seekers of course. The Indo police and officials take a 'cut of the action' ....mostly corrupt.

    We have had to take them all under Labor, sometimes as many as 5 packed boats a week (processing is hard, mainly due to them having no papers or passports as they tend to destroy those to make it hard to vet them and weed out the bombers/jihadis). So we have them in our community now, irrespective of bad character/ISIS links etc.

    We have had to take them under UN and do-gooder/political duress under the past Labor government (Rudd/Gillard/Rudd).

    The 1951 UN Convention was a good idea at the time after WW2- but now needs to be up-dated. Aus has taken 1000K++ of European migrants since 1952 and like USA is a generous provider of new homes for orderly migration. [Good citizens came from 1948-1972 Migration Acts - Christians mainly.]

    The rot set in with the Muslim Lebanese (Christians no problems, my MP is one), the crime-ridden Viet-Namese post 1972 and then the deluge more recently from the Sudanese/Syrians/Arabs etc.
    They do not like our culture, have different religion/mores - while loving our freedom/peace etc - but they just don't/won't fit in and quickly turn to crime/drugs/violence....their assimilation % is not good for the future here in Oz.

    I agree it was a bum-deal by O'Bummer - [probably to annoy Trump?].
    But it could be seen here as "helping a Mate out of a sticky situation"....

    But a "Dumb Deal" ? - well yes, many here would agree with Trump over that deal, including this writer! But a promise to a friend is a promise....
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      Re: Hello BB have you heard of this? Any info would be most kind

      Thank you BB.
      A promise from a PC pol to a PC pol is worth about as much as a PC pol.
      But a promise to a friend from a friend is I agree another matter.

      Keep those e-mails and calls to your Congress people coming.