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Drought emmergency deer hunting rule changes.

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  • Drought emmergency deer hunting rule changes.

    Landholders and land managers struggling with persistent drought conditions and abundant wild deer herds are now able to apply more effective control methods and access licensed, reputable assistance from volunteer hunters.

    The changes apply to the whole State of NSW for three years, on both public and private lands. However, not all rules are lifted on public lands due to public safety issues. It's important to check the deer hunting rules that apply for the land you plan to hunt.

    Licensing requirements have not changed though - hunters must hold a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence before they may legally hunt deer in NSW. Also, you must always have permission to hunt from the landowner or manager before entering any lands.

    What has changed?
    • No seasonal restrictions - hunt all deer species, all year-round.
    • Attract deer using baits or lures.
    • Hunt at night (private land only).
    • Hunt from a vehicle (private land only).
    • Use spotlights and other electronic devices (private land only).
    Hunting regulations around the use of dogs when hunting deer remain in force to ensure animal welfare standards are maintained.

    Deer Assistance Hunter Register
    Hunters holding a current NSW Game Hunting Licence (either General or Restricted) may add their contact information to the Deer Assistance Hunter Register, which can be accessed by landholders seeking assistance with wild deer. You'll be asked to nominate which of the 11 Local Land Services regions you're able to hunt and information about your experience and qualifications.

    Remember, adding your details to the register is not a guarantee of being contacted or securing lands to hunt.

    More information about these suspensions can be found by visiting our website or contacting the Customer Service Team on 02 6363 7650 or

    NSW Local Land Services Regions

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