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Guess who has all the guns now?

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  • Reasonable Rascal
    Looking back on the immigrant history here in the US one can discern two distinct trends: either they sought to assimilate as quickly and completely as practical, or they clung to the "old ways." You either strove to be an American first, or that was secondary to whatever your base was, whether nationality or family. Not explaining it well but think in terms of Sicilians and their organized crime - "Cosa Nostra" (Our Thing, or This Thing of Ours) - mentality. Family first, and because of that the 'old ways' of Mafiosi and all that entails. Live in the land and take from it but all others are outsiders to be exploited, or as in the case of the Muslims, reviled.

    We still some of this to a minor degree, especially with those groups organized around religion and national origin, such as the Amish, but they are open to interacting with 'others' and do nothing contrary to ours laws and morals - they merely wish to live and worship a slightly different way.

    The Muslims, OTOH, seem to come from a background that says all others not of their faith are to be despised and oppressed, something they as a group overall refuse to let go of. They came to your country as well as ours and others not to better themselves, but to conquer, pure and simple.


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  • Big Bunny
    What they don't tell you here in the Media is that many of the OMCG(outlaw motorcycle gang) members subject to these raids are Muslim criminals, who never owned a Harley - but hate the country that took them in as migrants/asylum-seekers.
    Some of their children born here [with every advantage of a free society] are going the same way, under the cover of Jihad against Aussie Society as a whole.
    Some of their young women are the very worst for encouraging and supporting FJM (female genital mutilation) and burka-wearing etc.
    I just can't understand them doing this Down-Under.
    Multi-culturalism has failed them.
    All very worrying developments.......

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  • Harlock
    So it is true that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them?

    Not long ago Big Bunny I read a story about that same "Strike Force Raptor" where they raided some property and found a stash of buried but leally owned before the turn in program and then mandatory confiscations began. I remember the guy said he "Lost them or could have sold them" either way he didn't have them and invited the gang to rummage through his property. They found nothing. Years later they came back with metal detectors and got his stuff. He wasn't hurting anybody but because he didn't comply is serving time.

    Same gang but different area they raided warehouses and turned up home made machine guns and some manufactured firearms, I never heard what happened to that lot. So the good news is everyone that isn't a criminal can sleep easy down under.

    I'm waiting for an event when people realize just how badly they have been screwed over. Not sure how they will correct the injustices but think rope and lampposts might come into play. Myself - I go for upside down Xucificictions. That way the ants and buzzards get a picking while the person or persons have time to ponder just how badly they messed everyone over.

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  • Big Bunny
    started a topic Guess who has all the guns now?

    Guess who has all the guns now?

    Bikie squad seizes gun cache

    13 November 2009 11:33am

    Police targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs have seized 65 guns and ammunition from a dealer in the NSW Southern Highlands.
    Officers attached to Strike Force Raptor seized the 47 rifles, one shotgun, 10 pistols, seven revolvers and ammunition from a business on Queen Street, Bowral, on Thursday, police say.
    Following the raid, the dealer's licence and the personal firearm licence of a 63-year-old man have been suspended.
    Investigations are continuing and police say they expect to take further action.
    Strike Force Raptor, formed on March 27 after a fatal brawl at Sydney Airport between the Hells Angels and Comanchero gangs, targets illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs.
    Last month a police raid on a large property at Sutton Forest, also in the NSW Southern Highlands, uncovered 25 firearms including nine rifles, two shotguns, six pistols and a pen gun, along with eight detonators, knives, and a quantity of ammunition and cannabis.
    An alleged member of the Fourth Reich bikie gang was charged with firearms and drug offences after that raid.