‘CONNECTED’ CALL: Mystery 5am tip-off could prove critical

by Staff writers

12th May 2018 5:03 AM

IT WAS an early morning call to police that led to the discovery of Australia's worst mass killing since the Port Arthur atrocity.
The mystery male - who has only been described as someone "connected" to the property - alerted officers to the farm south of Perth known as "Forever Dreaming" just after 5am.
The call to triple-0 was recorded and reportedly made by the killer, but that's all police would reveal about the tip off to the tragic events at the idyllic farm.

* (7 killed in murder-suicide in idyllic Margret River in WA . Probably by the ex-partner - Family Law Court and feminists to blame again? We need more and fairer support services - not "more gun control" - BB)