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  • Interesting Greener Police special 12GA

    I was interested to see a British-made Martini S/Shot 12GA special issue(colonial forces, Egypt/India etc) for sale. Despite adequate warnings by the present owner, I unwisely made an offer to an expat in USA/via Darwin on an Internet guns site.

    He was right, this is really only a museum/interesting piece as it needs special 12/14GA ammo using a special "winged" firing pin that only fits that type of weapon/ammo.

    I made enquiries before purchase went any further and the heavily necked 12GA brass cases are available in USA (B609A needed!) but very expensive and also it needs a special crimping tool.

    My idea of fitting a standard Martin-Enfield firing pin and using a 2" shortened 12GA cases was squashed by my gunsmith. He said that this could be dangerous and while the neck could be reamed into a forcing-cone the cost plus the Martini pin etc would be worth as much as the gun itself.

    Pity really - it looks as I may now have to decline/retract the offer of $500.

    [Overall it was a pretty crazy bit of stores ordering by the FO. Can't blame Greener - they were just fulfilling a contract!]

    Couldn't the natives have stolen the ammo and the gun too? The whole idea (apparently)was if the weapon was captured/stolen, it was in-operable by the mob, using commercially available ammo and thus could not be used against colonial troops/police force.

    I have a little 1920s Martini Cadet(heeled and home-cast .310 x 120gn pills) and a .303 1889Martini-Enfield in the gun-cabinet and this 12GA Police Special Martini would be a very good companion for them.....but I have one rule (broken by a Belgian Damascus barrel fowling-piece in unsafe condition for any modern ammo)... that all my firearms must work with commercial or reloaded ammo!

    Ah well, life is a learning experience......

    [Anyone interested- there is some U-tube video available on this interesting and unique police riot weapon.]

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