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    Or at least people that know people!

    Ok I'm not a techno toy guy. I can use scopes sort of (fixed optics) zooming around isn't my thing.

    Worst of all I'm a tightwad but not cheap, I will pay for quality if I have to.

    Here is my question:

    Starlite, FLIR or NV gen II?

    I don't want to spend over 2K and don't mind getting an off brand just as long as it will work. I have zero exposure to any of the above other than youtube videos. It appears the expensive models have stuff I will never use. (Zoom, color change patterns, range finders and illuminators)

    I don't own a weapon with rails (I hate attaching things to my firearms except a knife) I wouldn't even think of sticking a light on them, so getting one of these things will be new to me and I don't like change.

    I'm not looking for anybody to make fun of me, I honestly don't know much about it and won't be looking for an assault thingie or tacti-tool gizmo. The thing I am looking for is an edge over the random thug or if I want to earn money getting pest pelts/stink pork.

    My hope is these things have a long shelf/usage life and I will see a return on investment. Otherwise getting tech really doesn't make sense so talk me through this.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    It would have been nice to have other opinions. I found out that I am going night blind which was part of the reason I wanted that edge. While I don't want to walk around like a cyborg I can assuredly use the gear in home or around the property to keep unwanteds at bay or at least identify so there won't be any mistakes. Come Monday I see a specialist and I figure it has to do with old age but the sight loss is noticeable in the daytime now. The dog was In the backyard but in the shade and I couldn't see him. I may opt for higher end gear if it will help as I still want to shoot.

    I hate to do business with china or Russia but the USA seems to have a problem giving their obsolete gear to citizens.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.


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      I don't know a lot about NVD's other than US made is best, and the Russian stuff, at least early generations, are grainy. You might want to post this over in the general discussion forum to get more exposure.
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