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  • Reloading

    Anyone have a suggestion on a good place to pick up some some supplies? Need to pick up some large pistol primers. Was going to order some from Power Valley, but they are out of stock on Winchester or CCI.

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    Good luck....this is 2008, 2012 election cycles ver 3.0 on steroids....only .22LR is plentiful vs last time. As you've seen, commercial ammo is scarce in popular calibers. All primers are going to commercial ammo, not reloading supply channels, so reality is 200 at a time from LGS or whatever you can get right now is best you're gonna do. You *might* score a whopping 1k at a time from Midway, Grafs, Powder Valley, Midsouth, etc but shipping +hazmat will make them crazy expensive.

    My LGS...he said in 100% sincerity " If I could buy a whole truck full off 9mm ammo today I would, and would have it all sold in 48 hrs". He told me that one store sold 500k rounds of pistol ammo in June. And he's a small, but busy, shop. Not Cabelas or Midway USA - just a 1500 sq ft neighborhood gun store. Half a million rounds of pistol ammo in a month and he could have easily tripled that if he could get it.....

    Not to sound like a jerk...but most of us are in our "stash" right now for primers because we learned the hard way and are now sitting on 10's of thousands. Same way we're waist deep in 22LR.....never again after last droughts......

    Only bright side is you're looking for large pistol....not nearly as scarce as small pistol, so you will come across....If you have Academy Sports local, check website religiously around 8pm, order online, and pick up in store next day. Kind of a glitch, but 100% of primers going to our local Academy are sold that way. There have been 0 on shelves for months - you have to catch when available inventory based on next truck is updated online and buy them, then go pick up. You can be first guy in the door when they open and no primers, but someone got 2,000 night before and will stroll in at lunchtime to get them.

    Anyway, right now, bullets and powder are available. Hit up ACME, MBC, RMR, Blue, etc and get cases and cases of projectiles. Buy 32 lbs of powder and get a max delivery for one hazmat fee. Yeah...that stuff does no good without primers, but guess what's going to be out of stock next? And when primers do become available, there will be a run on those components.....
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      Yeah, I’m late getting into the reloading game, so will be quite a while before I have comfortable supply levels.

      I already had 4lbs. of powder that I have had for a while, plus 1,000 Starline brass cases (plus my pickups).

      I picked up 2,000 230gr FMJ from Precision Delta. And, surprisingly enough, I was able to grab 10,000 CCI LPP from Powder Valley. Had to do 2 orders of 5,000 each, so the HazMat sucked, but still came in a bit less than $380. So, that means I don’t have enough powder to use up the primers I do have now, so on to that next.