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Buying loaded ammo for the brass.

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  • Buying loaded ammo for the brass.

    I've been loading my own for most everything I shoot for a while, and usually just buy the brass to load, but it's getting off into the "strange" zone nowadays.

    I'd decided I needed a couple hundred more rounds of .357 brass, which is going for between $11 and $15/100 rounds, depending on the brand involved.

    OTOH, I can go to Wally World and buy a 100 round box of loaded UMC .357Mag for $30, plus tax. Take off a minimum of $10 for the price of the brass, and I can't reload it for what I'm paying for loaded ammo.


    All I can say is pay attention to the prices, folks. Ammo is getting cheap again, all other things being equal.

    I've got all the necessary stuff to reload a couple thousand hulls with .357, other than the brass, but why would I bother to do it now if I can get loaded ammo cheaper than I can buy the brass?

    As I always say when we're shooting Revolvers. "I'll come spot your brass and get any of it that gets away from you."

    I be needing 10mm and .38 Super brass too, but I really need to price loaded ammo before I go buy brass. Things are out of balance, and if loaded ammo is cheaper than reloading? I'll have the brass when it isn't that way again, or when I need the brass, or whenever.

    Run the numbers, and keep your eyes open for sales on loaded ammo. It may not be this nice for long, but get it while it lasts!

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    Re: Buying loaded ammo for the brass.

    Now that is good to read sir


    Keep those e-mails and calls to your Congress people coming.


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      Re: Buying loaded ammo for the brass.

      I did the exact same thing when I got into 357MAG. Brass was scarce and what I did find 1x was pretty expensive. I just went out & bought several boxes of commercial ammo. Was good in that it gave me a real good reference for accuracy, chrony results, felt recoil, etc
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