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Berdan primer to Boxer Primer conversion kits

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  • Berdan primer to Boxer Primer conversion kits

    Introducing the all new Partizan Mk V Polymer Berdan primer to Boxer Primer Conversion kit!!
    Our new Partizan Mk V "Polymer" version Berdan primer to Boxer Primer conversion system makes it very easy to convert common and often disposed Berdan primed cartridges to a Boxer Primer system and re-loadable cartridge casing. With our new Polymer system we have been able to lower prices and now you can reload many more cartridges than you could in the past. They are now in 4 base sizes that can accommodate everything from 5.45x39 cartridges up to the 7.5x55 Swiss cartridges. This almost indestructible Nylon filled polymer is tough as nails and has a hardened steel insert that will never wear out. After converting your cartridges, you can reload your steel cartridge casings over and over just like any other re-loadable boxer primer cartridge. It has shown that the Steel Cartridges can be fired many more times than brass due to the lower work hardening on steel as compared to the brass cartridges. Become independent of Ammo scares and market fluctuations. Try this system we have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and it does not do everything we say it does.
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