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  • Perfecta Brass Question

    Has anyone tried to reload brass made by the Italian company Perfecta? I just bought some of their ammo and the brass "looks" really good, but since I got stuck with a bunch of Amerc ammo that was no good, either for shooting or for reloading...I ask questions before I buy up a bunch of anything new. Thanks.
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    Re: Perfecta Brass Question

    Apparently, nobody has used much of any of it.

    I've got about four boxes of it myself. I guess we can just mow your back yard and burn up a couple of hundred rounds of it, reload it, and find out.

    I don't figure it can be any worse than S&B brass, actually. Amerc can't be equaled by anyone who actually puts powder in their cartridges, given that Amerc didn't always do that thing.

    That crap scared me to death a time or two.

    Edited to add that while we're on the subject of brass, has anyone reloaded any of that Turkish ZQ1? That also looks good, and I've got a wad of it, because it's loaded with 124g instead of 115g boolets, which most of my 9mm's seem to prefer.

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