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Rifle Powder availibility?

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  • Rifle Powder availibility?

    I really haven't looked around lately for any, but back last May or June, there was little or none going yet. Is it showing back up anywhere?

    I'm particularly looking for 4064 and/or 4895.
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    Re: Rifle Powder availibility?

    It's getting better but the most popular ones like H110, H335, Win231, etc can still be hard to find.

    LGS near me usually has stuff, but they've been pretty aggressive about selling only small amounts. They'll let you buy 1 lb of powder, maybe 2 lbs total - one each of two different types.

    I'm so glad I bought 8lb jugs when I started to reload. Being cheap, I bought lots of 8lb jugs, full cases of primers, full cases of bullets, etc. Wasn't to hoard or prep but to get the lowest per unit cost and to have a big enough order for free hazmat & free shipping. Was just dumb luck that I started when I did & stocked up so the past few years haven't really bothered me except .22 & components for 300BLK since I got into that one recently. But as luck would have it, the H110 that I use for 300BLK is a great powder for .357MAG which I just got dies for today
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      Re: Rifle Powder availibility?

      Slowly coming back. There is a Serbian company which is producing some powders, one similar to Hogden H335:

      NEW powder. Produced by the Serbian Co. "Namenska" it is referred to as SB-511. Follow this link for more information and look for SB-511.
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