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Reloading 9mm. Anyone?

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  • Reloading 9mm. Anyone?

    I'm not always into the fastest load I can find but in this case I'd like a load with at least decent speed. I'm having trouble selecting powder, want to load a few hundred 124 gr JHP's to stick back for my CX-4 Storm. Factory loads have just got too expensive for me to buy in any quantity hence the need for loading my own. I've yet to see any plus P loads for 9mm, they are everywhere for .38 special
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    Re: Reloading 9mm. Anyone?

    Fairly hot loads for a 124g 9mm?

    I'd go with Accurate #5, probably. I generally use #7, but #5 is a bit hotter. IIRC, I was putting about 6.3g of #5 in, and decided to quit loading them that hot because it was overkill for range loads. You might be able to go a bit higher for special purpose ammo, but I wouldn't think you'd want much more than that in there.

    I'm thinking that the 6.3g was Chronoing at about 1150 or so, but again, that's off the top of my head. I'd start about 5.9 or 6.0 and check that out before I went higher. My memory sometimes isn't what it used to be, and I'm too lazy to go dig my logbook out and look it up.

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      Re: Reloading 9mm. Anyone?

      From Hornady Reloading manual

      bullet is #35571 124 grain HP-XTP B.C.: 0.165; C.O.L.: 1.060"

      AA No. 7 7.2 gr. = 1050 fps, 7.6 gr. = 1100 fps, 7.9 gr. = 1150 (note max load)

      Hope that will help.


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        Re: Reloading 9mm. Anyone?

        6.8 grs. of HS6 with 115 jhp.
        Good groups..not a +p load but I shoot mil sups a Halwan and a Walther P1 and don't want to over stress the guns. If I ever needed them for defense the load would do the job.
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