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.300 AAC Blackout load results

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  • .300 AAC Blackout load results

    here's the chronograph data so far:
    125gr Nosler BTs
    18.3gr Hodgdon H110
    LC formed cases with CCI SR primer
    OAL- 2.085"
    Avg velocity 2231fps
    ES 42.2fps
    AD 10.5fps
    energy/range (10 ft off muzzle) 1381ft#s
    SD 16.4
    group size- (50 yards with Burris AR332) 5 shots in 1.5" -not a target scope.....
    220 gr Sierra OTM
    11.0gr A1680
    same cases/primer
    OAL 2.089"
    Avg velocity 1168fps
    ES 46fps
    AD 14.7fps
    energy/range (10ft off muzzle) 667ft#s
    SD 18.6
    group size -(50 yds) 2"
    220gr Sierra OTM
    10.5gr IMR 4198
    same case/primer
    OAL- same
    Avg velocity 1128fps
    ES 33fps
    AD 11.4fps
    Energy/range (10ft off muzzle) 621ft#s
    SD 14
    without the suppressor none of the subsonics cycled the rifle. They would extract, eject (sometimes stovepipe on lower powder charges of H110).
    It needs the supressor to have the backpressure to cycle. Also, barrel and gas system are a 16"bbl and carbine gas system. Carbine buffer/spring.
    Hope this info is helpful. If I could post pictures I would post targets too.
    Also, the rifle has a 16" carbine barrel and gas system and carbine buffer/spring. Hopefully I'll be testing the subsonics through the can next week if I can convince my dealer to bring it out..........
    incoming rounds have the right of way.