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Recommended .223/5.56 powder?

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    Re: Recommended .223/5.56 powder?

    Originally posted by gunne View Post
    Edited so that Melvin doesn't make a public fool of himself.
    You mean AGAIN?
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      Re: Recommended .223/5.56 powder?

      After using AA2230, AA2200, IMR 4198, I really like Hogden H335. IMR 4198 while a good powder, does not meter well, but H335 meters and flows like water.

      I haven't seen Win 748 in many years
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        Re: Recommended .223/5.56 powder?

        I've used Hodgdon BL-C(2).
        It was something that "Says" I can use on .223 AND .308.
        It flowed fine in my progressive LEE press.

        I was using a calibrated (by volume) 25-26.5 measurement (I think)
        Shooting it in my 7.5" AR and in the 16" M4 was fine, but when I then switched to some steel cased Wolf, the Wolf was like I was shooting a much larger caliber. The blast sound and felt recoil was amazingly hotter.

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