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Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

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  • Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

    Got some Hornady Critical Defense at the shop when I grabbed the LC9s today. Was told it was good stuff. Searching online I find that Speer Gold Dot +P 124 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point is also a great performing round.

    What say all of you?
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    Re: Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

    Winchester Ranger T-Series LE 147 grain #RA9T If you can find it, is current FBI/LE carry ammo. You will have to look around for it, but it is available to non-LEO (however, a lot of places will not sell it to non-LEO). Winchester PDX1 147 grain is also a great defense round. Be sure to pick up some 147 grain FMJ for practice with as well.


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      Re: Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

      Winchester Ranger-T is my carry ammo for everything. Sportsmans outdoor superstore is a good source.

      I use the 147gr, RA9T for 9mm. Have never tried any of the newer like frangible or bonded. RA9T is Black Talon without the black color. LC9s likes it just fine.

      As you know, there are no magic bullets and plenty of excellent carry rounds. Read the manual, but don't know if you should feed an LC9 +P? Not a lot of it anyway. Not sure there would be any benefit from a 3" barrel anyway... My thoughts are if one feels a legitimate need for 9mm +p or +p+ one should have bought a 357SIG
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        Re: Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

        The best defensive ammo is what you have in your handgun when you have to use it.

        Golden Sabre, Winchester, Hornaday, Buffalo Bore, or whatever. It makes holes in bad guys, which is why I carry.

        Excessive worry about terminal performance is probably just that, which is to say "excessive". I've got Golden Sabers in my "go-to" .45's and 9mm's, and Hornaday in the 10mm.

        Bet'cha any of them will do just fine, if I hit what I'm aiming at. So would standard target or ball ammo, probably. It's not what you shoot, it's where you hit.

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          Re: Best 9mm Defensive Ammo for Ruger LC9s

          Hp in 22 mag .380 and 9mm.
          FMJ in 45
          If that wont work!
          or go to blades


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