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What powder in Israeli 8x57 Ammunition?

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  • What powder in Israeli 8x57 Ammunition?

    Does anybody know what powder was used in the Israeli 8x57 cartridges?
    The ones I have are dated 1956.
    The headstamp reads as follows, going clock wise from the date, 56, Star (6 point), line or l, then what looks kinda like, .n. (an upper script 7) .n .
    I realize the last markings are in Hebrew.
    The projectile weighs 178.6 grains. It is a pointed flat based, copper jacketed lead core bullet.
    The powder charge weighed 48.6 grains. It is a very fine ball powder.
    Some people on the Internet think the ammunition was made in the United States.
    Anyone have any ideas what it is? Or is it comparable to a common powder?
    Aim small, miss small.
    Paul the Ammo Guy 8-)

    "Aim small, miss small".