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Saw a new method of selling ammo at TTGS

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  • Saw a new method of selling ammo at TTGS

    There was an end table U shaped with pallets of ammo running half to 1/10th of the other vendors this includes anything you could purchase at any gun store. I paid 1$ for their last box of Wolf 308 steel case 20 rounds per box.

    They were located next to the stripper girls and their gun calendar so I had ignored the crowd thinking it was all about the boobs. Come to find out on the last day this is how they could undercut every other table.

    Their ammo comes from bulk purchases from insurance companies. Every time a shipment gets damaged via UPS or whatever carrier this guy has an open contract to purchase the damaged goods. The damage could be as simple as a few dented cases or split boxes with the bullets spilled but swept up into buckets. He makes a payment to the insurance settlement and gets the damaged ammo. He tries to repackage or at least keep the caliber types together and then takes them to the show minus the physically damaged shells that would be unsafe to shoot.

    The box I picked up was missing the top cover it was torn off but the ammo had been wrapped in paper and resealed with tape into the box. For 1$ I'm not complaining and wish that I hadn't been biased against the booby girls because I missed out on cases of this stuff.

    I didn't catch his name or company but will look out for the crowds next go around. He pays pennies on the $ so it was lucrative to him, now that could change because imagine if it was a bad batch of ammo with the wrong powder or double charged M22's that were turned in well it only takes 1 oopsie to start a lawsuit nowadays so since he was up front I can't see any purchasers being upset they got bad ammo.

    When in doubt pull it out then reload it. I have purchased brand new Remington ammo that didn't have powder in the cases .270 and I didn't so much as get an apology from them. I wouldn't purchase anything from them since that incident. It cost me a deer and every cartridge only had a primer and that was all. Could have gone poorly for me if I were shooting an auto-loader and there was a squib (Good thing I don't shoot fast)
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.