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My good ammo score.....

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  • My good ammo score.....

    7.62x45 Czech ammo is supposedly rare and hard to find.
    Yeah, Gunbroker has it for sale via one person...15 rounds...$15 plus shipping.
    He has a bunch of ads like this.

    Well, folks....I got 1250 rounds DELIVERED for $520 total.

    That's $.416 per round.
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    Re: My good ammo score.....

    You dune Really good on that
    deal. Four cents a rd for any
    ammunition is unheard of


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      Re: My good ammo score.....

      that's 41.6 cents a round


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        Re: My good ammo score.....

        Darn stupid of me to mistake that
        .41cents for 4cents


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          Re: My good ammo score.....

          That's still a good price for a type of ammo that you just can't get anymore. I cringe when I think about how cheap I sold all my vz52 parts. custom stocked gun, and 2000 rds of ammo. $450

          I wish I had it back now!

          Thre's a local shop that had some left last time I went in there, he was selling it for $4.95/box of 15. I should go down and see if he has any left. I have 3 and 2 half of the rifles now.

          I wish I could find a source of 7.62x39 barrels for them, I'd buy 3 of them if they were $100 or less. I'm thinking about trying to make an RPK barrel work.